Etihad Airways & IBM: Partnership Video

Working alongside 5:00 Films, we created an internal¬†marketing spot For Etihad Airways designed to highlight the value of their unique partnership with IBM. For it’s unique style and approach, 5:00 Films won a coveted DotComm award for the Animation category in 2017!


Even though it’s stylized, we modeled the raceway after Etihad’s actual Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. We also had to adhere to Etihad Airways’ strict brand guidelines, keeping the client informed about when and why exceptions should be made. Since Etihad cares deeply about it’s “Facets of Abu Dhabi” pattern, we weaved those geometric motifs throughout the spot. Details like these went a long way in making the piece meaningful for the client and it’s sponsors.

3D animation: : Cinema4D
2D animation: After Effects
Compositing: After Effects