Fix Your Stuff

A small ad spot we did for World Environment Day. We live in a disposable world, but don’t be wasteful!


Everyone loves the look of well-lit, physically based global illumination for their 3D renders, but it comes at a cost. Renders can be time consuming and expensive. Since the client didn’t have the budget for all shots to be lit at full lighting quality, we reserved it only for the final exploding sequence. All other shots were lit and rendered using Element3D, a very powerful plug-in for AfterEffects that uses a GPU accelerated workflow to simulate global illumination HDRI lighting. It’s not a complete substitute for a full 3D environment (cast shadows have more limitations, simulated sub-surface scattering, no rigid body dynamics), but that’s what budgeting for animation is all about: providing working solutions that are within project scope limitations. We think it came out great and most people won’t bat an eye at the sleight of hand!

3D animation: Cinema4D, Element3D
Compositing: After Effects
Music: “Rumble” –